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Course Programme

The Course Programme consists of four course terms, two Strategic Exercises, Dissertations, and four field practical training. A total of fourteen modules (studies) are conducted in four terms as under:-

Term One: Foundation Studies. The Foundation Modules introduces Course Members in basic analytical tools concerning national security and strategy

Module 1 - Security, Conflict and Research Writing.

Module 2 - International Relations: Approaches and Issues.

Module 3 - Strategic Studies, Policy Making and War Studies.

Term Two: Tanzania’s Domestic Security Environment. The Modules focuses on Socio-Political, Economy, Agriculture and Industry aspects of domestic that influences on National Security Perceptions.

Module 4 - Social Political Studies.

Module 5 - Economy Studies.

Module 6 - Agriculture and Industry Studies.

Term Three: International Security Environment.

Module 7 - International Security Environment Studies.

Module 8 - Study on Global Issues.

Module 9 - Tanzania’s Immediate and Strategic Neighbourhood Studies.

Term Four: Strategies and Structures for National Security.

Module 10 - Strategies and Structures for National Security.


Course Members admitted at the NDC for the Security and Strategic Studies Course are normally of three categories selected from the Defence and Security Organs, Ministries, Institutions and Organizations and from friendly or allied Armed Forces.

Defence and Security Organs. - selected by the Defence Forces Headquarters normally of the rank of Brigadier General or Colonel. For Security Organizations (Police, Prisons and Immigration) are those selected by their respective Organization who have attained the appointment of ACP and above.

Ministries, Institutions and Organizations - Selected by their respective Ministries, Institutions and Organizations are those officers who are holders of at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent academic qualification and who have attained the appointment of Directors or equivalent.

Course Members from Friendly/Allied Armed Forces - selected by their respective country authorities. Military Course Members from allied Armed Forces are also Officers of the rank of Brigadier General or Colonel.

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