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Kozi Fupi

Imewekwa: 13 Jan, 2023
Kozi Fupi

The NDC – TZ also offers Capstone Course which is part of its Outreach programme.  Capstone courses are offered to sensitize Senior Civil and Military Officers of the United Republic of Tanzania (URT) Government and Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar (RGZ) to appreciate the sensitivity of their decision making positions on matters related to the nation. Importantly, the training aims at enabling the senior officers to:

  • Acquire decision making and management competencies in handling government business.
  • Provide a platform that links senior Government officers and their Departments in management of government business.
  • Inculcate and mainstreaming of national patriotic sense among senior Government Officers in national leaders decision making process.
  • Promote interagency coordination and holistic approach in handling national security issues and government business.
  • Skillfully discharge national leadership execution roles demanded by strategies and structures of the national security.

Capstone courses are run for a period of between five and 10 days, and are organized in five clusters that target different clients. The five clusters of capstone training are:-

  • Cluster One: Government Chief Executives, Senior Civil and Military Officers.

This course is targeted for Top Strategic Level type of Government functionaries. They include all Chief Executives in the Ministries, Defence and Security organs, Regions, Parliament, Judiciary and other key/strategic government agencies. The aim of the course is to sensitize and create awareness on National Responsibilities entrusted to them and their positions and on the need to work in holistic integrated manner in discharging national leadership duties for national survival and development.

  • Cluster Two: Middle and High Level Government Civil and Military Officers National Management Preparedness and Mentorship Programme.

This course is targeted to Middle/High Level Government Civil and Military Officers specifically engaged in National, Regional and District government functions at tactical and operational level. They include Commissioners and Directors at Ministry, Regional and District level and also Government institutions and strategic agencies.

  • Cluster Three: Public - Private Partnership High Level National Manpower Integration Programme.

This capstone course targets Middle/High Level Government Civil and Military Officers from both public and private organization. The most significant aspect is the public-private mix-up and partnering in this course. It targets public/private Officers engaged in National, Regional and District functions with significant impact on national security. It is intended to bring them together at NDC and have the necessary forum for interagency linkages and communication. Such personalities may include Chief Executive Officers of various Ministries, Public and private officers.

  • Cluster Four: Media National Sensitization Programme Editor’s High Level Manpower Course.

This capstone course targets Senior Media people from the public and private sectors. These include mostly the Chief Editors for the major public and private media groups.

  • Cluster Five: Private Sector National Security Sensitization.

This course is targeted to Top Strategic Level type of Private Sector functionaries. They include all Chief Executives Officers in the Private Sector Organizations and Industries in all that play a critical role for national survival/security and development in various sectors of society and economy.