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Research Overview

NDC Research wing is the national focal point for Strategic Research on National Security and Strategy with the aim to provide strategic analysis to the Nation and NDC Governing Board, the Minister of Defence and other designated institutions. The Wing is registered and recognized by The Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) as a National Research Centre of Excellency on National Security and Strategy for policy and innovations in Tanzania.


The NDC Research Wing aims to be a leading National Research Centre and Think Tank on policies, structures and strategies for national security.


The mission of the Research Wing is to engage in problem-solving policy-based and strategy-based research on issues of national interests.


The research Wing has the following objectives:

  • To contribute towards improvement of security and trust of citizens.
  • To improve the security and trustworthiness of infrastructure.
  • To complement the preparedness for the future security and strategic challenges.
  • To supplement stimulation of Tanzania’s economic development.
  • To enrich the nurturing of Tanzania’s research capacity by cooperation.


The Research Wing has the following functions:

  • Conducting cutting-edge research, organizing a high-level discussion on specific issues and disseminating important research findings, information, briefing, providing policy advisory reports and any other related to national security on key functional and regional issues.
  • To provide guidance on how the NDC will carry out research based on national needs, as well as advise on how best the findings can be utilized and disseminate research findings to relevant authorities.
  • To support the Training Wing in overseeing the teaching of the modules on Dissertations and any other research-related modules. The NDC Research wing encompasses studies of different components of national security and strategy.  They include but are not limited to National policies, diplomatic cooperation, and transnational security related to significant countries.
  • To identify and propose the College’s research focus for each academic year including, among others, identifying the theme(s) for domestic, immediate and strategic neighbourhood and foreign countries field practical trainings.