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The library of the NDC - Tanzania is well equipped with security and strategy materials; other materials are available through interlibrary loan from other Libraries. Other materials are accessed easily through “Koha” software which is an Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). Also available is D’Space System which used to Capture, distribute and preserve digital materials. Electronic Database Journal resources, manned by the Consortium Tanzania University and Research Library (COTUL), are also available at the NDC Library.


It is assumed that all Tanzanian Course Members are aware of the Official Secrets Ordinance” and have undertaken to abide by its requirements. Nevertheless, the College undertakes all necessary measures with regard to security of classified information to meet the current military regulations and standards of security. All Course Members are further required to acquaint themselves with the College Security Instructions.


At NDC, only open and unclassified material is used for instruction. The Course Members will not divulge the views of the speaker outside the College premises and will also not quote a speaker by name when asking a question to another speaker, particularly when views are divergent. Those Course Members who may have had access to classified materials and National Secrets as well as government thinking in their previous appointments, must ensure that this knowledge is used carefully (if necessary) during discussions.

Course Members are personally responsible for all classified documents issued to them or prepared by them during the course. Classified course papers and material that may be issued during the course, must be returned to College Co-ordinator at the end of the Course.

Course Members are required to be in possession of their service/identity cards and College passes; the loss either of which should be reported to the College Secretary.

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